Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fast Food Calorie Quick Reference

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try, something consistently tries to derail your progress?  For me, it's fast food.  It's so quick and easy and most importantly - I don't have to cook it!!  But as we all know, fast food isn't the best choice when it comes to eating healthy or trying to lose weight.

So, here's what I came up with a while ago to help me at least make better choices when it comes to eating on the run.  I mean, let's face it - it's going to happen, so why not be prepared?  The original list has cute little logos next to each restaurant's name, but due to the limited formatting here, I had to take those out.  Anyway, I realize there are healthier choices at some of these places, but these are the foods I'm happy to eat - not foods that I have to "force" myself to consume.

Also, none of these include beverages - if I eat out, the least I can do is drink water, right?  Finally, the REALITY CHECK at the bottom of the chart is just to remind me how many calories are in the foods I usually choose...

Classic Roast Beef Sandwich, 350 calories
Arby's Sauce, 20 calories
Apple Slices w/ strawberry yogurt dip, 80 calories
Jr Roast Beef Sandwich (x2), 440 calories

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, 290
Fruit Cup, 70
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, 290
Side Salad, 70
Berry Vinaigrette Dressing, 70                                                                                  

ButterBurger "The Original" Single, 346
Flame Roasted Chicken Sandwich, 309
Side Salad, 60
Raspberry Vinaigrette, 45                                                                              

Del Taco                              
Classic Soft Taco (x2), 440
Taco al Carbon - Chicken (x2), 300

Hamburger, 250
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, 150
Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT, 380
Side Salad, 20
LF Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, 35

Jr Burger (No cheese), 340
Apple Slices w/ FF Caramel Dipping Sauce, 110
Corn Dog (x2), 420                                                                                        
6" Chili Cheese Coney, 410

Taco Bell
Chicken Soft Taco (x2), 360
Beef Soft Taco (x2), 400
Chicken Burrito Supreme, 400

Chili, small, 210
Saltine Crackers, 30
Shredded Cheese, 70
Side Salad, 25
Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing, 60
1/4lb Single Burger (No cheese/no mayo), 450
Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich, 390
REALITY CHECK:                                                                        
Mid Roast Beef Sandwich, 460
Curly Fries, 540

Chicken Sandwich – plain, 440
Waffle Fries, 390

The Culver's Deluxe Burger – Single, 514
Crinkle Cut Fries, Regular, 385

Qtr Pounder w/cheese, 510
Reg Fries, 380

Oh btw, I did get the new workout in today.  My goal for Thursday's workout is to write down the weight I'm using so I can track it.  Also, I find that I can't max out on leg press - my BowFlex doesn't have enough resistance, so I may have to come up with a new exercise for quads in addition to leg extensions.  Almost forgot this bit too - I took today off work so I could take my pup to the vet and FORGOT to put on the FuelBand until NOON!!! Can you believe it?  UGggh!!   I think I would have made it though because I'm at almost 1900 now.  Ah well, live and learn...

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