Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gluten allergies anyone?

I was reading an article online today about gluten allergies and the symptoms.  It seems that outside of celiac disease, some doctors don't subscribe to gluten intolerance.  The supermarkets sure do though.  I do have most of the symptoms, but I'm not sure to what degree since the article didn't really get into detail.  Anyway, I was looking over my meal plans just to see how much gluten is in my average day.  Wow!  It's like half the meals.  Anyway, I'll ask my doc at my next checkup to test me.  I read that you shouldn't go on a gluten-free diet before getting tested because it can jack with the results.  But here's a list of the symptoms in case you were curious too:

Dysfunctional Digestion*
Intractable Dandruff*
Itchy, Scratchy Rash?
Foggy Brain*
Pounding Headaches?
Pins and Needles?
Attention Deficits?
Depression, Anxiety and Irritability*
Infertility or trouble conceiving

*=yes I have that symptom
?=maybe I have that symptom but it's not all the time or very severe.

I mean it seems all these symptoms could be anything.  Like, I have itchy skin but no rash.  Well, I live in the high plains desert of Colorado for Pete's sake!  It's really dry here.  Same with dandruff - it's dry here.  Foggy brain?  Who has clarity all the time?  I have headaches but sometimes they're pounding and sometimes they're just aches.  And I'm trying to lose weight, so irritable?  YA THINK?!?

Sometimes the internet can give too much information.  Anyway, I'll ask my doc to run the tests.  Do you have an allergy to gluten?  Any insight?  I swear I'm not a hypochondriac - really.  Even after you read the rest of this post.  I'm really not. =)

In another online experience today, I had an epiphany.  I was reading a blog that lead me to another and then well, you get the idea.  This was my first time checking out this particular blog, but all I can say is wow - incredible.  Holly is amazing to say the least and if you want to check out this article first, please do, because I'm about to spoil the ending of that particular post, so I'm giving you fair warning to go read it now - right now - before I say what I am going to say - so click HERE now if you don't want ah never mind....

Basically, this woman lived for 18 months in excruciating pain because no one could seem to find the problem.  Her husband thought she was crazy and the ER was actually turning her away to the point she felt like she was losing her mind.  There's so much more to it than that, but that's the main idea I think.  Here's the thing - I had the same medical problem almost 22 years ago.  I was fortunate to be immediately diagnosed and had an operation that removed my gall bladder and hundreds of gall stones in and around the gall cavity.  Well, I'm telling you now that this woman found strength in her faith in God, because I know personally that's the ONLY way I would have survived 18 months in that kind of pain.  When telling my story, I have described the pain as worse than childbirth and it truly is.  But hey, that's not even my point.

My point is that in the comments section of her blog, "Faith" commented that she too had her gall bladder removed.  She goes on to mention "phantom attacks" a few times a year where "it feels like you are having a heart attack WHILE someone jams a knife into your diaphragm and out the other side of your back while twisting it simultaneously."  I was like THAT'S WHAT I HAVE TOO!  I had never heard of phantoms gall bladder pain.  And it always scares the crap out of me when it happens.  But now I know I'm not alone and although it feels like it - not dying.  Anyway, thank you Holly for having the courage to write your post and thank you Faith for posting your comment!  That was truly serendipity.

And finally, the token health and fitness part of my blog...  Weigh-in tomorrow!!  I did really well all week on exercise.  I changed up food for preparation reasons but nothing crazy unhealthy.  Water intake was very good.  Actually looking forward to the scale.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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