Thursday, August 29, 2013

5K in Oct and Half Marathon in 1 year

How's that for some goals?  I was checking out this local running club website and was amazed at how many events are in this area.  I could race every week if I wanted.  Well, I don't want just yet and most certainly couldn't afford.  BUT I now have a goal.  AND I have a friend or two who may join me.  How cool is that?

The 5K is on the 27th of October.  That' gives me around 2 months to train.  I'm looking forward to training for this.  I'll be doing the couch to 5K that I've mentioned before.  Even better though is that the proceeds go to the restoration and maintenance of Waldo Canyon.  The fire there last year made national news and the restoration efforts are ongoing.  Nature bounces back fairly quick, but we humans and our structures tend to take time.  Anyway, this event is called "the Waldo Waldo 5K" - if you live close to the Springs, message me and we'll do it together!  Oh and did I mention that most everyone dresses up like Waldo of "Where's Waldo" lol!!  Check this out...

The marathon is held on Labor Day weekend every year.  It's got a 5K, a half and a full marathon plus some relays as well.  It looks like a gorgeous trail - and is called The American Discovery Trail.  And I want this T-Shirt!!

Of course the date on my shirt will have a "14" but training starts NOW!

Other Fit stuff:
Did a quick upper body work out tonight and threw in some "wall push-ups" for good measure and finally, some quick stretching.

Eating was just ok, as was water intake.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on starting the first day of c25k.  I'm gonna take a pup with me each time so they can get use to the running/walking too.  I'm thinking it'll be lots of fun training with them!

Oh and I picked up one of the book from my list today.  I placed them on hold at the library - and the first one was available today.  It's "Daniel's Running Formula" and he's been called the World Greatest Running Coach by Runner's World Magazine.  Funny thing is that his name is actually Jack Daniels!  I'm thinking it's a different Jack Daniels though - besides, this one has a PhD after his name.

I'm just over halfway through "Born to Run" so it should be too long before I start the new one.

Well, I hope everyone's Friday is FANTASTIC!!

Nite All!

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