Friday, August 30, 2013

Ran for the first time in years today!!

Birthday weekend YAY!  Not really the yay part though.  I don't want to get older, but I am happy to have an even number again as my age LOL!  I know, crazy right?

But what's age got to do with fitness some of you youngsters might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and get into shape.  NOT impossible, just more difficult.  That's NO REASON to give up though, is it?

So, while I'll probably gain 5 pounds this weekend, it won't bother me and you won't hear me complain (much) about having to lose it all over again.  I say this simply because I want to have my cake and eat it too!  I've already cut half the calories - my daughter's b-day is the day after mine, so we usually split a cake.  SEE?  Half the calories!! LOL!

I'm still working out and drinking plenty of water (well, actually today I didn't drink much H2O, but tomorrow I will!).  It's just the meal plan going on hiatus for the weekend.  Well, of course, I'll try very hard not to go too crazy, but wouldn't you know it, TOM showed up yesterday!  Seriously, how's that for timing?  Well, good news is that I can take care of b-day and chocolate cravings ALL IN ONE WEEKEND!!!

Alright, it's late, but I still want to get in a quick workout.  I'm going to jump on the treadmill and see what Week 1 Day 1 of C25K is like - gonna hit the treadmill, be right back...

Butt is officially kicked.  Yep, so here's the play by play...

Started out with a 5-minute "brisk" walk to warmup.  I did a 2.8 mph pace and about halfway into it, bumped it up to 3.2 mph.

Next up, 60 seconds of "running."  I went to 4.0 then to 4.5 which was a decent jog for me.  I was surprised to see that I made it the full minute!

Walking for 90 seconds was next, which I gladly did while checking my HRM and sipping some water.  HR was around 140 right after jogging (btw, my resting HR is around 68 and walking at 3.0 is around 120).

I did this cycle of 60/90 until around the 15 or 16 minute mark and started cutting back on the running to 30 seconds - no pain, just couldn't seem to suck in enough air.  After a couple of those cycles, I went back to jogging for a full minute...

That's when disaster struck.  Apparently, my daughter has never seen me "run."  She chose this moment to slowly approach from behind and to my left.  I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she had this look of total shock on her face.  I tried to wave her off (I had my music in my ears and was kind of getting into a groove, ya know?).  I was hoping she'd understand that I didn't want to be interrupted at that particular moment.

Yet, this is the moment where disaster chose to strike - when I was waving her away, my left hand caught on my headphone cord in front of me, as it was swinging back and forth with the running human it was attached to.  Well, the new earbuds work so well that instead of getting violently yanked from my head, the suddenly taut cord yanked my phone off it's comfy resting spot on the treadmill.  Well, of course, I can't possibly let THAT fall!!  So, I catch it, but doing so completely throws off my balance and... I almost fell.  ALMOST!  I didn't, but it was close.  What I DID do was get an massive cramp in my left calf!!  OUCH!  I tried to keep going, at least walking, and I did for a couple minutes, but then it started getting worse.  Better to call it now than cause injury, right?

Anyway, I iced my knees (although they weren't hurting) and my calf, and now I'm grabbing a quick shower and hittin' the hay!  Whew!  Rough first day.

Nite everyone!  Have a most spectacular Labor Day Weekend!!


  1. First of all - hooray for running and at a 4.5 mph pace is terrific!!

    I have dropped my phone too many times to count, only to have it fly off the end and me sometimes with it!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. LOL! Thanks Biz. Maybe I should move my treadmill and then put a mattress on the floor behind it, so WHEN it happens again I'll have a cushy landing!!


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