Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's late and I haven't done cardio yet...

but I'm about to jump on that right now!

As soon as I finish this post...  ok, postpone the post and go workout!!!!   More to follow...

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog:

First, I ate ok today - felt hungry most of the day, but didn't eat a lot of calories til dinner.  We went out to that Brazilian Grill again.  I just didn't feel like cooking.  I ate way less meat this time and stuck to the actual salad side of the salad bar.  Then had like 4 or 5 bites of a shared dessert with my daughter.  I was a little full, but not miserable.  The meat tonight was very salty, and for me to say that is something.  I'm going to have to drink a lot of water to overcome that!!  

So, I did something I don't normally do the other day.  I ordered something from tv.  First, I don't have cable/satellite - I typically watch Netflix - saves a ton on cable/satellite bill.  I was actually watching "digital antenna" tv.  And there's this really buff dude exercising and a bunch of people with before and after pics showing how much they lost.  Of course, those results are typical lol!  Anyway, my daughter walks into the room and I'm like "hey! would you try this if I got?" She said "oh yeah!  It actually looks like fun." SOLD!!  Anything that might possibly get her motivated is a done deal.

But the best part was when they said it was only THREE EASY PAYMENTS OF $19.99!!!  Then they threw in a FREE accountability coach (remember my post from the other day?).  And next came a bunch of extra stuff - PLUS FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING!!!  Then.... the clencher - for me anyway, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY GET ALL THIS FOR 

ONLY $19.95!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I decided I can throw down twenty bucks for some workout stuff - happy birthday to me =D

It's supposed to be here Friday.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Too bad they can't send him though.

Anyway, sorry for the above infomercial - I just love making fun of those.  Now look at me, I fell for one <collective sigh>.

But WAIT there's more!!!!

No there's not.  Just kidding.  See?  I couldn't stop myself.

<PAUSE HERE FOR AWKWARD PAUSE> Redundant too apparently.

Alrighty then...  I did indeed do my workout tonight.  I did the bike because I had already walked a lot today.  That 30 minutes went by pretty quick though.  I love it when that happens.

So then, I wasn't kidding about my b-day.  It's actually coming up.  This weekend.  Being a single parent with no siblings and both parents passed away, I am on my own in the gift department.  That's ok though, oddly enough, I always seem to find myself the perfect gift.  This year, I'm thinking I'd like to get another fitness gadget.  I'm still happy with my Nike Fuel Band, but I love the motivation that a new gadget brings.  I enjoy challenging the gadget and what can I say, they're fun!

But which gadget should I choose?  Input welcome... oh, but let me list off gadgets I already tried...  HR Monitor by Polar (but it's really old), of course the FuelBand, the BodyBugg, every cheap pedometer out there it would seem, and phone gadget apps (I love these because they are usually free!).

Gadget time people.  Show me what you've got!  I'm willing to throw down $50-200 on this b-day prez... That means if we're thrifty, we could get more than one!!  oooooohh I like.

Ok, take care all.  'Nite.

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