Monday, August 26, 2013

Accountability anyone?

I mentioned this idea in my last post, but didn't get into specifics.  It's all about accountability for me.  I've been by far more successful when I have someone to stay accountable with - not only in weight loss, but in other life things too.  But this is a fitness blog, so let's stick with that.

Here's my thought... I can't find ANYONE to do this health and fitness thing with me locally.  None of my friends are really interested or if they are, they aren't committed.  So, besides blogging, I was thinking I would love another level of accountability.  

So, how about an accountability partner through SKYPE?  or EMAIL?  or TEXT?  

The possibilities are endless!  Now, I'm probably not the first one on the planet to think of this, but it's the first I've heard =D

Is anyone out there even remotely interested?

Ok, let me explain a bit more... 

Picture this, you just got home from work and you don't really feel like working out, but you have an appointment to SKYPE with your accountability partner in a half hour and you're going to feel terrible if you cancel or have another excuse.  So you set up your <insert Skype device here> and connect with someone who is either about to workout too, or who already completed their workout and wants to motivate you in yours.  Or you just get together to talk about your workouts - either way, it's positive and encouraging and most important holding us accountable.

OR we set up an email or IM type of thing where we send messages of encouragement or motivation.  Something like "Hi <insert your name here>!!  Did you get your workout done yet?  Mine was a doozy!"  

I know I could say all of these things in a blog post, but I think it could really make a difference in our desire to not only work out, but eat healthy too.  Plus it's more personal.  And there would be someone who has your back and is going through the same crap you are.  You know, a friend.  Someone you can count on to give you that little push when you need it and be there for you when you just want to talk about how much it all sucks.  

Anyway, there it is.  If you are interested, leave a message or email me @

Now, on to the other healthy stuff...
No loss this week on the scale, but no gain either.  I wasn't expecting much considering my week, but it was another week of maintenance practice.

Today is my errand day.  It started out at the lab donating a few tubes of blood for annual tests of cholesterol, sugar, etc.  This was a fasting test, so I had to study without food - ok, so I didn't study, but I did go without food for 12 whole hours!  The horror!

After that it was off to the next errand - no, not food unfortunately.  But this particular office didn't open for another 10 minutes.  So, instead of waiting like the other two people, I did laps (walking of course) around the outside of the courtyard there.  It wasn't a huge distance, but at least I was moving.  VICTORY to the Hungry Gal!!

Next errand was the library which, guess what - didn't open for another 5 minutes!!  Ugghhhh!!  Seriously people?!?  The library doesn't have a courtyard, just a street with no sidewalks.  So, candy crush it was...  When they opened, I checked for the books on the book list I shared the other day and placed the two I found on hold.  Funny thing:  I was looking up the title "5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution" and the computer asked me if I meant "5-minute Plantar Fascists Solutions" - what the heck is a "Plantar Fascist"??  Anyway, got my giggle for the day.

Finally I was home for a quick bowl of cereal and some puppy love - had to offer up the puppy love because my pup Coal has a vet appointment later in the afternoon.  Did my grocery list and tried to work off what I had in my freezer and cabinets (Thanks for the idea Biz!).  Then the actual chore of shopping.  It went well though - only spent $36.  Not too shabby.

Back home to unload groceries, grab a Lean Pocket for lunch and tidy up around the house.  Next thing I know it's time to pick up the munchkin (ok, not a munchkin per se - she's a senior and would be highly offended if she read that - good thing she doesn't care for this blog thing - besides she'll ALWAYS be my little munchkin =P) from school and make it to the vet in 15 minutes flat.  We seriously arrived at exactly our appointment time.  Whew!

Back home to finish up earlier tasks and then fix dinner.  I went off menu plan again and made us pinto beans, rice and corn bread.  I love that meal - it's like comfort food for me.  Probably not the healthiest of choices, but considering I probably only had 400 calories so far, it's good.

As for working out today, I didn't go geocaching because the weeds are still too high from all the rain.  I'm planning on biking next Monday though, just gotta map out my ride.  There are so many huge hills around here, I don't want to be surprised by any.

So, how was your weekend?  Do anything super cool?  Fill me in because mine was <yawn> a bit mundane.  Next weekend is Labor Day weekend though!!  Yay!

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