Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best/Worst of Fitness

What was the healthiest thing you did today?  Unhealthiest?  Did the smart choices outnumber the not-so-smart?  What will you do differently tomorrow?

So, I was asking myself these questions today and decided to write about it.  We honor ourselves and our bodies by making healthy choices.  If I keep honoring myself with the smart, I'm hoping they will outweigh (literally and figuratively) the not-so-smart.  What if I track some of those choices and really look for areas I'm doing well in versus beating myself up over the bad.  Limit the number of poor choices I make each day and continue re-enforcing the positive should, in theory, work very well.

Let's start with the good.  What was the healthiest thing I did today?  Well, I walked at least a half mile during my work day.  It was probably more, but that's not the point.  The point is that instead of taking the bus one way, I wanted to walk instead.  Plus it was a nice day - overcast and in the 60s.

What about the unhealthiest choice I made today?  Well, I probably had one or three or five too many pieces of homemade bruschetta that someone brought into work today.  It was so fresh and yummy though!!!!  I kept thinking that these are healthy ingredients - tomatoes, garlic, etc.  It's the little slices of toasted bread that make the calories add up quickly though.

It's funny, as I'm writing the two things above, I started remembering other choices I made today.  So, I'll just make a quick list...

Good Choice:
Not parking in the front row at work - instead parking 10 rows away.
Avoided my 17th week of donuts!
Had a spinach/strawberry salad tonight with dinner (I sometimes skip making it)

Bad Choice:
Ate the remaining handful of chips/crumbs from a bag of Doritos leftover from who knows when.
Did make the water quota today.

YAY!  The good outweighed the bad - sweet.

What will I do differently tomorrow?
Drink more water.  My goal is 80 ounces and lately, I'm doing good getting half that.  

Soooooo, what kinds of choices did you make today?  Come on, it's not bragging - you know you did great - let's hear it!!  Or if it wasn't such a great day, did you make at least one healthy choice?  Two?  Do you have a smart choice goal for tomorrow?

Ooooh, I just thought of another smart choice I can make right now.... All I need to do is publish this post and I can go to bed early!  G'nite all.

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