Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainy Day

Today, was a rainy day.  If you watch the news, you probably saw the reports of flash flooding throughout Colorado.  Actually, I think there are several parts of the country getting really bad weather.  I tell you though, for being in the high plains desert, it sure has been wet lately!  Anyway, the rain is steady and makes me sleepy - I got home from work today and crashed.  But this wasn't just some cat nap - oh no!  I slept for over 4 hours!!!  Can you believe that?  Needless to say, no workout/ate out for dinner.

So those are my poor choices for today.  The only healthy choice I can think of was no in-between-meal snacking.  I was tempted, but was looking forward to my leftovers for lunch.  Then, work got too busy to even think of snacking after lunch.  That may have contributed to being so tired when I got home though - the lack of food I mean.

Well, my thoughts are all jumbled, so I'm just going to sign off now.

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