Monday, September 9, 2013

7 Ways to Get Back on Track - NOW!

Great news!  I was down one pound this week, even after taking a "pass" on my b-day weekend.

Then, I don't know why, but I ate terribly the rest of the weekend.  When I weighed in this morning, I was up THREE pounds!!!  Sooooo, I've got to get back on track!  Again.

You've read it before too, right?  (Not just here!)  I consistently read where folks are doing awesome - working out regularly, eating great, then suddenly a weekend like Labor Day rolls around and bad choices happen.  Then a half-hearted attempt to make better choices the next week, but STILL those choices aren't so great.  Now, it's a slump.  We get depressed and say, why bother?  I am constantly failing.  

That thinking is the path that will take me in the WRONG direction!!  I don't want to stay on this path - I need to change something or else things will continue to back slide.  NO WAY!!! I'm not doing that - not again.

So, in an effort to "Get Back on Track" and stay there, I'm making a list...

7 Ways to Get Back on Track - NOW!

1)  Get moving.  If I'm off track due to injury, (which I am now) then even though I have to take it easy, I still need to move.  Take a short walk - don't wait!  Do it NOW.

2) Stick to the meal plans.  I've made the effort of planning 4 weeks worth of menus including snacks.  All I have to do is stick to it!  What typically happens here is one of two things.  Either I don't feel like cooking and we eat out, or I don't really want what I have planned and we eat out.

3) Just don't eat out.  Even if I resort to a bowl of cereal instead of whatever is planned for dinner,  it will save a massive amount of calories over eating out.  I usually plan to eat at Subway if I decide to eat out, but lately, once I get on the road, the car seems to avoid Subway.  Therefore, I just won't eat out.

4) Search for motivation.  Go through fitness magazines and clip pics, recipes, and quotes.  Choose motivational stuff and put it everywhere - in the house, the car, the lunchbox, etc.

5) Make a new workout playlist.  Update the playlist and get rid of the songs that just don't do it anymore.  Then take the new playlist and workout!

6) Change it up.  Change up a workout and instead of using my same workout plan, do something different.  It's something different to look forward to doing.

7) Stick to the basics... Don't over-complicate things.

  • Make smart food choices
  • Drink more water
  • Move

What have I left out?  I'm sure there's something.  Please feel free to add comments on how you've done this in the past or are doing it now (if of course, you've ever had a backslide =P)


  1. Adjust your expectations. Maybe you won't lose weight during your slump but maintaining would still be progress.

    Give yourself TONS of credit for every healthy, goal-oriented decision you make. During a slump you really need to go overboard on the positive reinforcements.

    Great post!

    1. Awesome! You are so right Michelle. I think we all set our expectations a bit high and then beat ourselves up when we don't meet them. And positive reinforcements, as much as I would like, doesn't mean chocolate - but a few pats on the back and maybe a massage or a spa day would be pretty cool. Thanks for your comment!


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