Friday, September 13, 2013

Hill Running Technique

In reading "Born to Run," I'm being introduced to all sorts of interesting people.  Scott Jurek is one such person.  So far in the book, he's my favorite.  I'm over halfway through the book and promise a review soon, but meanwhile, I've been trying to gain as much technical knowledge as I can before jumping into running again.  (Hehe - jumping into running... get it?  Yeah yeah, I know - dork.)

Scott Jurek is an American ultramarathoner.  What's an "ultramarathon"?  It's any sporting event involving running or walking longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2 miles.  The ones I've been reading about typically cover 50-100 miles.  Can you believe people actually run that?  I have to motivate myself to DRIVE 100 miles, much less RUN it!  Anyway, Scott has won many of these type races.  To top that, he's a maintains a plant-based diet.  He co-authored book called "Eat and Run" which I haven't read yet, but would like to soon.

Here's a video where Scott talks about hill running...

I'm going to practice "falling" and the bowl and rod thing, I can just tell.

But I still have another week to go before running again.  I still feel a bit of stiffness, but not near as bad as it was.

Today's healthy choice was going to the grocery store to pick up a missing dinner ingredient instead of saying "screw it" and going out.

My unhealthy choice was not getting as much time as I wanted for exercise.

How was your day?

Hope you have a most excellent weekend!!

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