Monday, November 4, 2013

Couch to Triathlete Training

So I went cruising the web for workouts specifically designed for triathlon training and there was A LOT to chose from.  I decided to go with something that started out mild and would be completed in the time frame I need - June of next year. offers a plethora of training options including:  Sprint, Olympic, Iron Programs, and my personal fave - "Couch-to" Programs.  I chose the Beginner Exercise Program under the "Couch-to" Program.  I guess I wouldn't consider myself at the "couch" level, but definitely a beginner as far as triathlon training goes.  This plan was designed by certified personal trainer, Amy Badger, who has completed 4 sprints and 2 olympic distance triathlons plus some other crazy stuff like marathons and Ironman comps.  It has 8 months worth of training/workouts.  

Today, I started Month 1 Week 1 Day 1.  

I was thinking that an hour would be plenty of time, but I had to cut some of the strength training and stretching short due to time.  This workout probably should be about an hour and a half once I get the kinks out.  (I'll start adding these workouts to my "Current Training" tab as well.)
Lift:  Legs (include abductors and adductors), Back and Abs. 2 sets of 10-12 reps for 2 exercises each body part.
Bike:  20-25 minutes indoors on upright stationary bike.  Work on keeping feet flexed (like scraping gum off the bottom of your shoes) and upper body relaxed.  Keep resistance light to moderate.  5 minute cool down.
Stretch: 10 to 15 minutes of FULL BODY stretching! 

I'm not sure if "Lift" was supposed to come before the "Bike," but I did the bike first because I don't like lifting with cold muscles.  

Bike Workout Summary:
Stationary, upright bike on a random hill setting @ level 7 (tried to keep rpm 70-80) for 20 minutes with a 5 minute cool down. 

153 calories, 5 miles, climbed 1872 ft, averaged 5-min/mile & avg HR of 111.  

Here's what the "random hills" looked like...

Apparently I can't keep the RPMs up AND take a picture at the same time =P

Strength Training (Lift): 
Leg Ext: 12 @ 52 lbs x4
Leg Press:  12 @ 150 lbs x4
Calf raises (body wt) 12 x 2
Adductors: 100 lbs x 2
Abductors:  100 lbs x 2

Back extensions: 70 lbs x 4
Row:  40 lbs x 4

Ab machine:  setting 5 x 2
Crunches:  x2
Leg lifts: x2

Full body 10-20 seconds per muscle

Well, Happy Monday people - I hope you have a fantastic week!!  

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