Friday, November 8, 2013

Menu Favorites all in One Week/Tri-Training Day 3

By dedicating so much time to exercise this week, I decided to plan all my favorites for dinner .  You know those meals that taste great and are actually not half bad for you?  Yeah, those are the ones I picked...

M:  Chicken Cordon Bleu w/ broccoli & rice (this one was new)
Tu: Skillet Tostadas
W:  Shredded Pork Soft Tacos w/ fresh pineapple
Th: Tex Mex Turkey
F:  Pita Pizza
S:  Subway

Breakfasts and Lunches are basically the same:

B:  Cereal (GrapeNuts or Bran Flakes) w/fruit OR Yogurt & Granola w/fruit
L:  Leftovers OR a Sandwich (usually ham or turkey) on wheat w/ carrots or celery'

Snacks range from fresh fruit and veggies to protein shakes and beef jerky.

We'll probably use this menu for another week or so.  Or until me or my daughter says we're sick of it!

And for the last tri-training workout of the first week of the first month (from Beginner Triathlete):

Month 1 Week 1 Day 3

Lift: Biceps, Triceps, & Abs.  2 sets of 10-12 reps for 2 exercises each body part.
Bike:  Longer ride 40-50 minutes.  Incorporate hills and endurance with this workout.  There will be one longer ride each week; this is the first for the month.  Try to put resistance higher for a minute here and there (no more than 4 times) and come out of the saddle.  Working on leg power and relaxed upper body.  No bouncing or rocking.  5 minute cool down.
Stretch:  15-20 minutes of FULL BODY stretching. Aids in injury prevention as well.

Bike Workout Summary:
Stationary, upright bike on  a random hill setting @ level 7 for 40 minutes / put resistance @ level 10 four times during the workout for 1-2 minutes.  Tried coming out of the saddle, but I don't think this particular bike is made for that or my resistance was too low, I'm not sure which.  I'll have to wait for the spin bike to try that part again.

276 calories, 8.17 miles, climbed 3398 ft, averaged 5:30 minutes/mile and avg HR 109.

Token screen shot...

Strength Training (Lift):
1) Bicep curl machine 12 @30 x2
2) Free Motion bicep machine 12 @ 15 x2

1) Tricep Extensions 12 @ 30 x2
2) Tricep Pushdown machine 12 @ (setting 5) x2

1) Crunch machine 12 @ 30 x2
2) Medicine ball to the sides 12 @ 4 x2
3) Leg lifts 12 x2

Full body minimum 30 seconds per muscle.  Found an empty classroom to stretch out.  This was way more relaxing than trying it out on the open gym floor area!

Whew! Week one complete though.  I'm looking forward to next week!  My goal this weekend is to set up those swim lessons.  I tried to today, but the office closes at 1 pm on Friday - ughhhh!!

Well, that's all for now, I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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