Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kick butt weekend

This past weekend was one for the books!  No, it wasn't a par-tay kind of weekend.  I just  accomplished lots of stuff on my to do list...

Got tons of cleaning done (I even dusted :O)
Groceries (shopped for & put away before 9 am - unprecedented at my house)
Garage now fits BOTH vehicles
Groomed the dogs (well, the groomer did, not me - that's way too much work!!)
Got exercise

Ok, enough with the "G's"

But wait there's more!

Cleaned/organized the basement
Finished all the laundry
Stepped on the scale - lost that 2 pounds from last week and then some!  Wha-WHAAAAT?

WHEW!!  I wonder if these pounds came off BECAUSE of my busy weekend?!?  Crazy, right?

Must be time for a new chart...

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