Friday, August 29, 2014

Birthday weekend - I will eat cake

Yes, I will have cake and eat it.  But not several pieces - just one =D.  I like the idea of not having unhealthy foods in the house and while I do have a few, cake should never be one of them.  Ice cream either.  I enjoy them both WAY too much.  We'll be either eating our cake away from home OR we'll be getting something very small.

I've been doing great all week with exercise and nutrition, so I'm sure to splurge just a bit.  That's ok, I won't beat myself up too much!

Here comes the beating up part though...  So, I was supposed to go to the podiatrist today but I got the appointment time mixed up and realized it too late to make it.  I tried to call the office, but even though the office was local, the call went to a different office and by the time I go through it was already too late.  I was soooo frustrated with myself.  Now, my appointment isn't for TWO weeks!  I've decided to try some "home care" like ice and motrin while I wait.

I have a jumble of thoughts on this issue and I'm trying to sort them all out…

I know I should probably take it easy on the workouts, but something has to give  

If I don't workout, I don't lose weight (or worse I gain)

It's not like I'm doing anything high impact, right?  

The extra weight can't be helping the foot heal

Repetitive movement of large muscles will burn the most calories

I just have to find exercises that do that but don't cause foot pain at the same time, because walking for more than 30 minutes is very painful.  I'm starting to feel it at the 20 minute mark now, but I'm just pushing through to get it done.  Not sure if that's the best plan, but it's all I've got.  I'm writing this on the fly, so I'm gonna make a list right here to be able to refer back to it later.  Please feel free to add anything you can think of as well…

Walking, but stop if it gets painful
Swimming (but I don't have access to a pool yet and swimming at the beach is a whole new ballgame!)
Row machine maybe?

Well anyway, other than that, today was great!

20 minutes bike 4 miles
20 minutes walking 1.11 miles
Squat Challenge Day 4 - rest day

Honey Nut Cheerios w/2% milk

Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 

Pinto Beans, Brown Rice & Cornbread


Have a fantastic weekend!!

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