Thursday, August 28, 2014

Core Strength

Busy day at work today with almost no time to grab a bite to eat.  I managed breakfast and lunch meals, but no daytime snacks.  Needless to say, when I got home from work, I was sooooo hungry!  I grabbed the first thing I saw in the fridge - bologna - and made a sandwich.  Not the healthiest of choices, but I didn't cave on the fast food idea that popped into my head as I was driving home from work.  So there's a success!

While at work, I tried to consistently focus on keeping my core tight.  It's really hard to do for more than a few seconds though if I'm not concentrating on it.  As soon as I start thinking about something else (i.e. work) I forget to do it.

I've heard many trainers tell people to keep their core tight.  Doing so helps strengthen the core muscles.  I can't really find a lot of support for why, but what I have found does make sense.  A strong core helps stabilize the body and will likely help the body perform better on a regular basis.  It will also help prevent injury as exercise levels increase.  As a side benefit, I noticed that it's difficult to have bad posture while tightening the core/ab muscles - not impossible, but certainly difficult.  Go ahead, try it…

Speaking of injury, I've been having an issue with my left foot for some time now.  It's not getting any better, so I'm heading to the doc tomorrow.  I'll let you know you it goes.  I even bought new shoes hoping that my old ones wearing out might be part of the problem.  They won't win any style awards, but it function over fashion for me these days.

No fashion award, but it makes my feet HAPPY

I've been wearing Brooks for many years since having foot surgery (yep, left foot) for plantar fasciitis.  More than other support/control shoes, they minimized the discomfort I felt walking or even standing for long periods.  

OH I almost forgot AGAIN!!!  All week I've been forgetting to post weigh-in results from Saturday.  There I am hitting the hay for the night and realize I didn't share that I lost SIX POUNDS last week!  Yay!!  That really kept me on track this week.  I know I shouldn't let the scale dictate my actions, but I really needed to see the loss.

And here's the rest of the story… at least for today

Walked 30 min
Day 3 Squat Challenge
Stretch 10 min

Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Leftover Fajitas

Bologna Sandwich


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