Friday, September 12, 2014

Foot Doc Appointment Results

Tomorrow is the TurtleKrawl 5K!!!  Woot!

Today, I had a couple doc appointments.  The first was for my foot.  I've been having a problem with it for a few months now, so I wanted to get it checked out and not do any permanent damage with all the working out I'm doing.  The second was a follow-up on blood work for cholesterol.

After messing around with my foot for a bit, the foot doc did an ultrasound and immediately pinpointed a neuroma.  Apparently they typically treat this with some alcohol-mixed injections - these (non-cortizone) injections have about an 86% success rate.  Yay!  More needles poked into my foot.  Can't wait <sigh>.

With all the doctor's poking and prodding my foot, I've had a tough time walking the rest of the day.  So, in order to preserve my foot for tomorrow's 5K, I chucked the workout plan and opted for a rest day today instead of Sunday.  Hopefully taking it easy today will payoff tomorrow.  I feel like a dope now though after pushing through to workout yesterday and making a big deal out of it.  Ah well, on to the next!

I was curious about "neuroma" and a quick web search.  Wow!  I had every one of the listed symptoms:

  • Pain (sharp, stabbing, throbbing, shooting)
  • Numbness
  • Tingling or "pins & needles"
  • Burning
  • Cramping
  • A feeling that you are stepping on something or that something is in your shoe

That last one really bugs me.  That happens all the time.  The numb feeling is all the time too.  The pain and burning come about 20 minutes after I start walking.  I'm really ready for it to be over.

Ok, moving on to the next doc… The bad news in my cholesterol is elevated (272).  Anything over 200 is bad.  The good news is that it's down from 6 months ago.  And 6 months ago, it was down from the test before that.  There are of course, more numbers involved than that - HDL, LDL, triglycerides, etc.  All of mine are headed in the right direction.  So the exercise and healthier eating habits are working.  The doc says no meds at this point since the numbers are consistently going the right way.  I'll follow up again in 3 months.

Finally, after my doc appointments, I stopped by and picked up our race packets for the Turtle Krawl.  Check out the shirt…  It's very light weight and cool.

Turtle Krawl Tech Shirt for tomorrow's 5K

Rest day

B: Skipped due to running late for 1st doc appointment
Brunch:  Steak Sub near 2nd doc appointment
L:  Skipped due to high cal brunch
S:  Orange
D:  Grilled cheese on wheat and 1/2 cup tomato soup 

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